Compression socks: compressed muscles, can not press the fat

Heart of beauty in everyone. In this era of lean for the United States, compression stockings (knee stockings or compression Socks), the original only with the medical-related vocabulary, the stars in the strong recommendation, the majority of beautiful girls as a tool. Can this compression socks leg the principle of what? In the end is purely physical compression, or fat burning to lose weight?

Medical grade compression socks, reduce swelling, leg circumference is indeed reduced

Many netizens said, put on compression socks, legs really thinner. Why is this? Is fat compressed?

There was a study of this phenomenon, the researchers observed 25-year-old healthy women before and after wearing compression stockings in the leg of nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and measured the thickness of various tissues, pressure, and other parameters. They found that after wearing compression stockings, the thickness of the leg fat tissue almost did not change, while the muscle tissue thickness reduction is more obvious (reduced by 3 cm). It seems that the pressure of socks is not the role of fat in the organization, but the depth of the muscle tissue volume reduction. In fact, adipose tissue also played a role in the pressure buffer.

In addition, the compression force applied by the compression socks will promote blood circulation, reduce the edema of the legs, which to a certain extent can limit the leg circumference. Long-term standing or keep the seat of the people, lower extremity blood circulation slowed down, blood retention in the lower extremities caused by elevated blood pressure, water to love from the plasma ran between cells, causing lower extremity edema. compression stockings can alleviate this situation.

Therefore, the effect of compression socks “stovepipe” is mainly through the compression of muscle volume and reduce the edema to achieve. That compression socks cannot burn fat to achieve long-term stovepipe effect?

compression socks can shrink legs, do not burn fat

Although I did not find long-term wear compression stockings will make leg lacrimal related research reports, but judging from the basic medical knowledge, compression socks is absolutely no effect of burning fat.

Perhaps there will be through the compression socks readers will ask since it can not burn fat, why put on the feeling of fever after it?

In fact, the rich blood supply or blood speed will have a hot feeling, like after exercise, usually relatively less physical movement of the head, the hand will feel the same heat.

To know, if the flat blood flow when the lower limb (2 cm / s) for 100%, that walk up to 120%, toe activities up to 160%, full-foot activity of 190% (because the calf muscles They are dominated by the toes and ankles); lower limb elevation of 20 ° when the 250%, lower limb elevation to 90 ° when 370%, such as the activities of the foot can reach 440%; wear compression fabric support can reach 180 %

Stretch socks promote the flow of blood from the body surface to the deep vein (muscle between the veins) the process is equivalent to increase the traffic support (small blood vessels and capillaries) blood supply, coupled with lower extremity blood circulation, there is no feeling of fever Curious. But this does not mean that your fat in the burning, wearing a tight Qiu pants can also have this feeling, just as the compression socks obvious Bale.

Congenital deficiency, acquired damage, veins to varicose veins

We all know that this is known as the legs of the compression stockings for the treatment of varicose veins was born. Why can good veins turn it? In fact, the reason why the veins will be varicose, in addition to congenital veins due to the weak wall, but also with our daily physical posture has a great relationship.

As the saying goes: people go to the height, the water to the low flow. People from lying down to upright, the blood pressure of the leg blood vessels will be significantly increased, ankle blood pressure can be increased by about 90 mm Hg, and still standing upright lower limb blood flow rate of only 60%.

Therefore, the veins of the veins of the weak, if long-standing / sitting, lower limb blood flow slowed down, so that venous blood deposition in the lower limbs, which induced varicose veins.

480D compression stockings than the 420D stretch socks pressure?

For the treatment of varicose veins, compression stockings used a special weave to get such a sock from the ankle to the thigh pressure gradually decreasing (with a pressure gradient). Patients with varicose veins can accumulate blood against the external pressure exerted by the compression stockings on the legs.

The main material of compression stockings are silk, cotton, nylon, rubber, generally divided into two categories:

A large class of ordinary compression socks, the use of circular weave, the pressure is small, beautiful appearance. This compression socks at the ankle pressure do not exceed 20 mm Hg, do not need a doctor prescription can buy.

Another major category is the medical compression socks because it is used to treat lower extremity varicose veins, so also called varicose veins, more parallel weave, can produce greater pressure, but the appearance of poor. According to the pressure at the ankle is divided into 18-21 mm Hg, 23-32 mm Hg, 34-46 mm Hg, more than 50 mm Hg four levels, respectively, corresponding to varying degrees of lower extremity venous lesions, in addition to 18-21 Mm Hg this level, the other need a doctor’s prescription in the pharmacy or hospital to buy.

And the market selling stockings/legs socks often see 480D or 420D D is the fineness unit “denier” (Denier) acronym, meaning that every 9000 meters of a fiber quality , a popular point that, Refers to the thickness of socks. Din front of the larger the greater the number of socks, with the socks pressure is not necessarily related.

Do compression stockings hurt our bodies?

A few days ago due to wear compression stockings but lead to lower extremity edema reports so that the majority of beauty women reflect the safety of compression socks [5].

Theoretically, the market can buy the pressure socks pressure is not the largest 20 mm Hg, in addition, to wear off inconvenient and uncomfortable I have not found a reliable basis for other side effects. And the compression socks body pressure dispersion is more uniform, generally, do not cause physical necrosis of this bad consequences. (Editor’s Note: If you blindly pursue high pressure or wear for a long time, or buy inferior products, may lead to adverse consequences.)

But rolled up the socks edge children will increase the local pressure, it is possible to crush the local vein, the formation of thrombosis and even limb necrosis. Due to the extent of the increase in pressure is unknown, so if the socks side children easily roll down, it is best to use the garter to ensure that the edge of the flat, such as lower limb discomfort, swelling should be the timely removal of socks, timely medical treatment.

Also, remind you that the compression stockings are only auxiliary to prevent varicose veins and edema, so do not blindly pursue high pressure, comfort can be.

Little knowledge about compression socks:

Long stand or sedentary can use ordinary stockings health care

compression socks can promote lower limb blood circulation, increase muscle metabolism, and can take away metabolic products in time, can reduce the fatigue of the legs . So for those who need long station and leg easy to swollen people, you can buy ordinary compression stockings for health purposes.

Researchers recruited a number of men with mild sleep problems, so that they wear compression stockings when sleeping, and found that after wearing compression stockings increased blood pressure, thereby increasing the degree of neck blood filling, increased night sleep Difficult. Therefore, the extravagant, love snoring, and the diagnosis of sleep apnea to try to avoid sleeping when wearing compression stockings.